Gin Ginuensis



Gin Ginuensis reminds of ancient times when trading activities made Genoa one of the greatest harbours for importing and exporting goods worldwide.
Flavoured ingredients like cardamom, cumin, liquorice enriched with orange, almond coriander and juniper represent a clear remind of ancient trading.

Its taste is persistent, intense, direct and gently enriched by citrus tones. Fresh notes lead to warmer flavours given by almonds and Kaffir lime with its aromatic and peculiar scent.

The hedgehog on the label is a reminder of the Genoese people’s grumpy character, the night life and the flourishing nature in Liguria
The label, which is one of a kind, was designed by the graphic and handwriting expert Mr Luca Barcellona who created this singular logo by hand
and then digitalised it.


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