Freya Birch Spirit

Birch Spirit


Freya was Wild By Nature. The Norse Goddess of love, fertility, gold and war was a bringer of new life, protector of fallen warriors and the ‘most glorious’ amongst the Norse gods. She was wild, independent, natural and spirited. Freya Birch Spirit upholds the ancient traditions of the far north and embodies Freya’s spirit in every drop of uniquely distilled birch sap.

Freya is distilled from the sap of birch tree growing wild across the northern hemisphere. Harvested in early spring foragers have just three weeks to carefully and sustainably tap the trees drawing out the pure birch sap. The sap is frozen to retain freshness and its full flavour and the trees are left to continue their growth.
The artisan distillers in the UK ferment and distill this naturally occurring sap in hand made copper pot stills to a clean, pure spirit full of flavour and with the wild, natural character of the birch.

Freya Birch Spirit has a full flavor with subtle green flavours, woody notes and hints of vanilla.

Freya Woodsmoke has a delicate smoky aroma and a light fresh initial taste which leads to a full and rounded smoky campfire flavour with apple, birch and chestnut wood notes which linger long on the palate.

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