Andrea Bruzzone Liqueurs

Craft Liqueurs

Andrea Bruzzone, is the name of a man who, driven by the desire to bring out products of the Ligurian tradition to restore their dignity, courageously undertook with his family the production of a line of liqueurs based on herbs, local fruits and excellences of the Territory.
Prà’s Dop basil, Chiavari’s mixed hazelnuts and Savona chinotto are just a few “symbol” ingredients used within liqueurs,
which are made without adding artificial aromas or extracts so as not to alter the natural quality.
The line of infusions is made entirely with natural raw material, harvested directly from farmers or certified producers and
infused into alcohol of first choice, without the addition of synthetic dyes or aromas.
Each liqueur represents Andrea Bruzzone’s idea of enhancing a characteristic element of Liguria,
in order to give your after-dinner an fulfilling and genuine experience.

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