Mì&Tì Small Batch Italian Gin



The Mì&Tì collection is composed by a couple of gins respectively conceived to enhance the characteristics of the classic Martini Cocktail (Gin Mì) and the perfect Gin & Tonic (Gin Tì), as well as by a barrel-aged Gin (Gin Lù), matured in three different woods: oak, mulberry and juniper.
The three gins have a common root, given by the use of some of the most “classic” gin botanicals – juniper, sage, liquorice, rose and lemon – but they differ in perfumes and taste for the use of some specific essences (yuzu, Lapsang Souchong, camomile, cherry, orange) that give to each spirit a different and specific character.
All Mì&Tì spirits are handcrafted with high quality materials by Origine Laboratorio, in the small village of Cengio, in northern Italy.
The botanicals are first infused separately in a high quality organic grain, then mixed as per our exclusive and proprietary recipe and finally re-distilled at Rotavapor, under vacuum and at low temperatures.

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